Klein Technique Links

Sasha Waltz and Guests: www.sashawaltz.de
Klein Technique™ has been taught for Sasha Waltz and Guests for many years, as well as movement coaching and private sessions for the dancers.

Stephen Petronio Company: www.stephenpetronio.com
Stephen Petronio, dancer, teacher, choreographer. Klein Technique™ has influenced Stephen Petronio.

Trisha Brown School of Dance: www.trishabrowncompany.org
Klein Technique™ has been taught, and has influenced, the teaching at the Trisha Brown School.

Dances by Neil Greenberg: www.neilgreenberg.org
Neil Greenberg, dancer, teacher, choreographer
Klein Technique™ has influenced Neil Greenberg

Wally Cardona Quartet: www.wcvismorphing.org
Wally Cardona, dancer, teacher, choreographer
Klein Technique™ has influenced Wally Cardona.

Movingeast: www.movingeast.co.uk
An interdisciplinary centre of excellence in Martial Arts and Contemporary Dance.
Hosts annual workshops in Klein Technique™. 

Bearnstow On Parker Pond: www.bearnstow.org
A summer place dedicated to the nourishment of creative arts. Residential workshops in Klein Technique™ have been taught here many summers.

Tingshuset Musik AB: www.tinghusetmusik.se
Center that offers performance workshops in music and dance. Run by Fredrick Högberg and Annika Ölund. They have hosted several residential workshops in Klein Technique™.

Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center: www.kalani.com
Klein Technique has been taught often at this beautiful resort on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Bella Klein: www.trailerobscura.com
A 4' x 6' trailer is used as a portable pinhole camera obscura to make large-scale pinhole photographs. Bella Klein works in collaboration with Daniel Paterson.

Contact Quarterly: www.contactquarterly.com
A bi-annual publication for moving ideas.

Rena Klein: www.rmklein.com
Assessment and management consulting for architectural firms.

Eve Soldinger: www.sacredintuitivehealing.com

Master of Acupuncture: www.tai.edu
Master's degree program in acupuncture offering a comprehensive curriculum combining rigorous classroom teaching with a rich clinical experience.

Five-Element Worsley Acupuncture: www.worsleyinstitute.com
Official home of the Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture tradition developed by professor J.R. Worsley. The Institute is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of this system of medicine that is rooted in natural law.

Zero Balancing Health Association: www.zerobalancing.com
Zero Balancing is an innovative body-mind system of hands-on therapy developed in the 1970ís by Fritz Smith, MD


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